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REEFnotes was a printed newsletter distributed to all REEF members in the US and Canada between the years of 1994 and 2007. REEF now distributes all of our newsletters electronically. Join REEF today to start receiving your issue of our e-enews each month.

The current and past issues of REEFnotes are available to download as portable document files (.pdf). In order to open these documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free from the Adobe Website. Please note that some of the older issues are large files

In addition to articles on REEF activities, fish ID tips, and marine environmental topics, each issue features a letter from REEF's Executive Director, a current list of REEF Field Stations, a current list of REEF Field Surveys, a list of REEF's most active surveying members with at least 20 surveys, and a list of contributing members and sponsors.

Fall 2007

  • Ocean Science 2.0: REEF Pioneers New Approach to Understanding Ocean Ecosystems
  • Redefined: REEF Launches New Website
  • Studying MPAs in the Channel Islands
  • Monitoring Artificial Reeefs
  • Putting REEF Data to Work
  • Online Mapping - A New Data Tool
  • REEF's Grouper Moon Project: Conserving a Caribbean Icon
  • Lionfish Expeditions Lead to New Information
  • REEF Field Stations: Partners on the Ground, In the Water
  • Capacity Building in New England
  • San Diego Ocean Foundation: Field Station Extraordinaire
  • REEF Interns Dive In, Reach Out, Give Back
  • Engaging Divers in the Pacific Northwest
Download - fall07.pdf (4.3 MB)

Fall 2006

  • REEF Celebrates 100,000 Fish Surveys
  • It's Here! 2007 Field Survey Schedule
  • REEF Continues Partnership with National Park Service
  • REEF Adopts Expanded Mission Statement
  • Putting REEF Data to Work Nudibranchs, Urchins, and More!
  • Online Mapping - A New Data Tool
  • Illegal Alien Invaders
  • Conserving a Threatened Species: REEF's Grouper Moon Project
  • Outreach and Education Update
  • Advanced Assessment Team: Advancing the REEF Mission
  • REEF 2005 Volunteer of the Year: Judie Clee
  • REEF Volunteer Discovers New Species of Fish
Download - Fall06.pdf (2.04 MB)

Fall 2005

  • Take A Dive Vacation That Counts!
  • REF Volunteers Conduct Fish and Invertebrate Assessments Along Washington's Olympic Peninsula
  • How Are REEF Data Used?
  • REEF in Review - 2004
  • Regional Capacity Building Seminars
  • 2005 Sustainer's Event
  • Educators Advisory Committee Summit
  • The 14th Great Annual Fish Count
  • Golden Hamlet Club
Download - Fall05.pdf (2.65 MB)

Spring 2005

  • Online Data Entry Has Arrived!
  • Two Exciting Products Available for REEF's Online Store
  • 2005 Field Survey Schedule
  • Grouper Moon 2005: Studying the Wanderings of Grouper
  • Fish Size and Biodiversity Assessments at Gray's Reef
  • Biscayne National Park Species Inventory Project
  • REEF's Next Geographic Region: American Samoa
  • REEF Volunteers Discover New Fish Species in Mexico
  • REEF Data - Now Safer Than Ever!
  • REEF Survey Effort: Hotspots of activity and need
  • 2004 Volunteer of the Year - Jessie Armacost
  • REEF's New Educators Advisory Committee
  • The 14th Great Annual Fish Count
  • REEF's New Non-Profit/Academic Field Station Program
Download - spring05.pdf (2.51 MB)

Summer 2004

  • REEF Success in 2003 - Our Annual Report
  • REEF Welcomes New Staff:  Bryan Diaz and Joseph Cavanaugh
  • Partnership Programs: Field Stations and Affiliates
  • 2003 Volunteers of the Year -  Janna Nichols and Wes Nicholson
Download - summer04.pdf (1.99 MB)

Fall 2003

  • REEF Celebrates 10 Years
  • GAFC Makes a Splash in 2003
  • MPA News - Protection of Caye in Belize Consolidates Large Area as Marine Reserve
  • REEF Data Used in the 'Caribbean Reefs at Risk' Report
  • Great Fishwatching Finds
  • Survey Recognition Certificates
  • 2002 Volunteer of the Year - Dr. Michael Coyne
  • A Decade of Counting- 10 Years (and more) of REEF
  • Timeline of REEF Milestones
  • 2002 Annual Report Available
  • REEF Member Profile - Kitty Philips
Download - fall03.pdf (1.98 MB)

Summer 2003

  • REEF Celebrates Earth Day
  • Welcome New Board and Staff
  • MPA News - Islands in the Sea of Cortez Purchased for Conservation
  • REEF's Florida Keys Zone Monitoring Program Report
  • REEF Submits Data to SRCFA
  • 2004 Field Survey Schedule Announced
  • Ocean Watch
  • GAFC 2003
  • Pacific Northwest Critter Watchers
  • REEF 10 Year Anniversary - A Decade of Counting
  • Team Building in Key Largo
  • REEF Field Station Feature - Pacific Northwest Scuba (supplemental material)
  • Member Article - Bari Reef's Frogfish Reproduces (supplemental material)
Download - summer03.pdf (1.96 MB)

Spring 2003

  • It's Cool to Dive Cool
  • Doing Scanforms Right
  • REEF Database Tops 50,000!
  • MPA News - Channel Islands Marine Reserve
  • Grouper Moon Project 2003
  • Marine Conservation Internship
  • Fourth Fish and Benthic Monitoring Workshop Held in Puerto Rico
  • Georgia's Underwater Secret: Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
  • A Decade of Counting
  • REEF Field Station Feature - REEF Field Station of the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Download - Spring03.pdf (390.93 KB)

Fall 2002

  • Fish Count Crossing Geographic Boundaries
  • GAFC Photo Contest Winners
  • Third in a Series of Fish and Benthic Monitoring Workshops Held on San Andres Island
  • Symposia and Workshops
  • Dry Tortugas National Park Monitoring
  • MPA News - The San Andres Archipelago and the Seaflower Biosphere Reserve
  • REEF's 2003 Grouper Moon Project Needs You
  • Wellwood Restoration Monitoring
  • Spiegel Grove Finally Down! - REEF Watches Recruitment
  • REEF Joins Binational Commission in South Africa
  • REEF Dives into the Public Eye/Public Awareness
  • REEF Internship
  • Member Article - REEF Surveying in the Northeast Atlantic
  • Education Corner - REEF Goes to NMEA
  • REEF Field Station Feature - Texas Gulf Coast Council
Download - fall02.pdf (458.2 KB)

Summer 2002

  • Great Annual Fish Count - 10 Years and Counting
  • American Samoa - REEF Visits South of the Equator
  • Jean Michel Cousteau Dives with REEF and Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary
  • Exotic Species Sighting Program
  • MPA News - Diver Group in British Columbia Working to Create Reserve Boundaries Around Buoys
  • Instructor Training Workshops
  • SPAG Update
  • Bicolor Damselfish Tumors
  • REEF a Big Hit with High School Students
  • Sustainers Event and Volunteer of the Year
  • Board Member Additions - Dr. Carol Lorenz and Dennis Liberson
  • REEF Internship
  • REEF Donates ID Books to Caribbean Islands
  • REEF Field Station of Rome, New York
  • Newsletter Dedication - Ralph Dickerson
Download - summer02.pdf (404.36 KB)
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